Author Topic: Smartboard Notebook Tips, Tricks and other ideas for the use of Notebook  (Read 1156 times)


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    Magic Pen:
        Three tricks using the magic pen.  You have to try these out.
    Disable SmartInk:
        If you are annoyed with the SmartInk tool bar in the Notebook 11 software, this tutorial will show you how to disable it.
    Screen Shade quiz:
        Use a screen shade to hide and show parts of your Notebook presentation.
    View Web Pages:
        Add a web browser to your Notebook presentation.  This way you don't have to flip between a browser and your presentation.
    Move from one page to another quicker
        Just swipe left and right to move around pages in your presentation.
    Alignment Tool:
        Use the alignment tool to make sure your objects are in line and your presentation neat.
    Transparent Notebook Presentation:
        Make your presentation transparent so you can write on other programs and then copy the ink into your Smartboard presentation.
    Clear Ink:
        Use the clear ink button to quickly erase all ink from your page.
    Time Saves:
        Use timed saves so that you don't have to worry about pushing the saved button.
    Floating Toolbar:
        Don't like your Smartboard Notebook's floating toolbar.  This tutorial will show you how to get rid of it.


    Matching Game:
        Create a simple Smartboard matching game using a table and a table shade. 
    Board Game:
        Create a simple board game using dice and flip tiles.

Other Activities:

    Instant Checker Tool:
        This idea will allow you to create a different quiz type of activity.  Add questions and answers and then use the checker tool to tell students which answer is the correct one.
    Extreme Collaboration:
        This Smart Notebook add-on allows students with mobile devices or computers with internet access to interact with your Smartboard Presentation.