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Annual Maintenance Contract

We always think that prevention is better than Cure, as we also believe that proper maintenance and Follow-up provides lowest down time in case of computer systems. We had noticed that most of the organization in IT industry is unable to provide sound after sales support, simply because of lack of concentration in the field of after-sales-support. We have full fledged after sales department. Headed by one of the trained staff of the organization. We have huge inventory of the spares, we are sure that will minimize your down time to great extent. Our teams of support engineers are always on alert to solve your problem irrelevant of Software or Hardware.After long discussions with different groups of users, we have designed different packages for maintenance. We strongly recommend you to select plan, which suits you the most.

AMC Services

IWB & Projectors Annual MAINTENANCE

The service contract will entitle you to the below:

  1. Preventive Maintenance: This will be carried out every 3 months (i.e. 4 services during the year)
  2. Service calls: The service dept. will attend to 12 calls (inclusive of preventive Maintenance calls) by the customer on faults on the equipment during the period contract.
  3. Consumables: Consumables like Projector Lamps, SMART Board Pens, etc will be purchased by the client but no labour charge for fitting, changing or adjusting the consumables.
  4. Spares: An estimate for any spares required will be given and upon receipt of Local Purchase Order the parts changed. No Labour charge will be levied for fixing the spares.
  5. Standby Units : In event of a major breakdown on the Projector, we shall provide you with a free standby projector and carry out repairs.

The estimate for parts in (d) is approved and a Local Purchase Order issued.



Service shall be provided on site during normal office hours 9:30am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday unless other special arrangements are made and agreed upon between the Client and C3 Xperts. Any change in the above time schedule must be brought to the notice of C3 Xperts a week in advance.



The Client shall be required to notify C3 Xperts in advance of any intended locational change(applicable only with in Chennai city limits) of the equipment to ensure that the equipment is reinstalled successfully without altering contract specifications.



This contract is valid for 1 (one) year from date of this agreement. Incase the Client or C3 Xperts desires to terminate this contract, a written notice of not less than 30 (thirty) days prior to termination must be served by either party on the other. Pro rata amount of service contract will have to be paid by the client in
          case of termination of the contract. This contract shall automatically terminate if the Client sells, transfers, or disposes the equipment in relation to which this
          contract applies. The charges shall prevail as in the earlier contract, unless altered by written consent of both C3 Xperts and the Client.



  1. Equipment specification changes, alterations or additional attachments may necessitate a change in the servicing charge rates.
  2. Repairs or adjustments by unauthorised persons, malfunction of equipment due to attachment of other equipment not covered by this contract, malfunction of equipment due to uncontrolled power fluctuations and lightening, gross negligence, accident, misuse of equipment or use of sub-standard consumables renders this contract void.
  3. This contract is not transferable or assignable without the written consent of C3 Xperts.
  4. C3 Xperts reserves the right to exclude any equipment from this contract when in its opinion, the specifications given or its condition are doubtful.
  5. Under no circumstances will C3 Xperts be responsible for any loss of profitability or any consequential loss, however rising.
  6. C3 Xperts shall under no circumstances be responsible for the misinterpretation of this contract.
  7. The client shall ensure that the equipment remains clean at all times and only allow C3 Xperts personnel access to the equipment for the purposes of servicing and will facilitate their work in every way possible.
  8. The client shall ensure that the equipment is insured against any damage, injury or loss to the equipment caused by fire, water, explosion, riots or any other act or omission beyond the foreseeable control of C3 Xperts.
  9. All spares parts and consumable products shall be purchased from C3 Xperts during the contract period. The contract shall be terminated and C3 Xperts shall not be liable for refund to the Client if the above is not adhered to. C3Xperts shall provide a quote for the spare parts and consumables at MRP specified by the company and also agrees to provide only genuine spares and consumables for the products serviced under AMC.


  1. If the client is in breach of any terms of this contract, C3 Xperts shall serve written notice on the client specifying such breach and requiring the same to be remedied within a period of 14 (fourteen) days. If the client shall fail to remedy such breach within 14 (fourteen) days this contract shall terminate forthwith without any further action on the part of C3 Xperts but without prejudice to any outstanding rights or remedies of either party hereunder.
  2. C3 Xperts may terminate this contract if through misuse or negligence not attributable to C3 Xperts the equipment is in its opinion not suitable for use and maintenance or the equipment is interfered with by any other person other than a C3 Xperts authorised representative or the Client has used accessories or materials not recommended or authorised by C3 Xperts manufacturers.


  1. In so far as this contract relates to more than one item of equipment, it shall be a separate contract in respect of each such item of equipment.


  1. Routine preventive maintenance and service to maintain peak efficiency of equipment to minimise interruption shall be carried out once every 3 months effective from the date of award of the contract.

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