Web Collaboration

Teach - IT Module : Web collaboration - Fundamentals

Web collaboration - Fundamentals

Internet is an important component that significantly increases student learning. Web collaboration helps teachers to collaborate through Internet with the help of social websites and blogs. Teach IT brings a drastic change in the teaching methods.


  • Learn the Basics of Internet and web browsers
  • Learn to communicate and share lesson content / activities through E-mail
  • Collaboration using Google drive / One drive

Collaborative learning using social medias and internet is started up here. Updated informations are shared between teachers and students to make the learning more effective.

Teach - IT Module : Web collaboration – Advanced

This program builds on the previous training Teach IT : Web collaboration – Fundamentals. Advanced training helps to store and share all the collaborative informations from one single point.which brings a drastic change in education methods.


  • Create and manage learning pages in Facebook
  • Online documentation using Google docs and Microsoft online office
  • Creating blogs and using twitter

Teachers will know about Information sharing with students using community pages . Resources such as softwares and documents can be shared to all the students without any physical media. Assignments and assessments can be made online using online docs.