Collaborative Learning Software

Collaborative Learning Software:

SMART Notebook fundamentals- Level I

This session provides an overview of SMART notebook collaborative learning software. This training allows the teacher to gain an understanding of the software’s user interface and functionality.

  • Duration: 1 day

  • How to get started
  • SMART Notebook software basics
  • How to work with objects in SMART Notebook
  • How to create interactive lesson activities
  • How to maintain your interactive white board or use the Ink aware applications
  • Teachers will know how to create SMART lessons using SMART notebook software.
  • Teachers will know how to use SMART notebook software for delivery of prepared lesson content.

SMART Notebook Advanced – Level II

This session builds on the previous training session SMART notebook fundamentals level I. It takes an in depth look at managing and customizing content and resources in SMART notebook software. you will learn how to manage gallery content, create & add themes and link object to other resources.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • To have a SMART exchange login ID.
  • Should be able to create a lesson in SMART notebook software.
  • Apply best practices
  • Structure and organize lessons
  • Add style to lesson activities
  • Build interactive lesson activities
  • Integrate rich media in to lesson activities
  • Deliver lesson and leverage interactive tools
  • Teachers will know how to manage the gallery content.
  • Teachers will know how to create and add themes.
  • Teachers will be able to create interactive lesson activities for the learners.